Walking around Westgate Mall I notice all of the stores. I think about what used to be there. Oh, I really miss The Disney Store. I remember taking my daughter to Justice. That was one of her favorite stores until she grew up.

Then of course I remember how happy we were to finally get a Forever 21. Just like any family you go through the circle of life and the circle of stores that are cool. We are back to having a young one so our favorite store at Westgate Mall is now The Children's Place. It's just how it goes.

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Early in my daughter's working career, she took a job at Westgate Mall. She started working at Rue 21. I remember her having to work her first crazy Black Friday schedule. I think that is when she decided that retail wasn't for her.

credit: YouTube
credit: YouTube

It was sad to see the news recently that Rue 21 has filed for bankruptcy. This is not their first time having to do so. In fact this third filing is the one that has done them in. With this filing, they have announced that they are closing all of their remaining stores.

Which of course means the store in Westgate Mall is closing as well. This was a store that not only did my daughter work at she also used to shop there. A lot of young ladies would head to this store.

The good news is that of course, the sales are going to be starting. They are going to have to pretty much liquidate everything to be able to pay their creditors. So get those deals.

The remaining 543 stores are expected to close in the next two months. So there is a timeline and its not long. You can at least look cute this summer at a discount.

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