We are not too surprised with some of the wildlife we see here in Amarillo. We may not even really be a fan of them but that doesn't mean we don't coexist with them. Oh, we know it is not unusual to find yourself a snake of some type.

Especially as you get a little bit out of the city or in the canyon. I grew up listening to the sounds of coyotes at night. That wasn't unusual. We have all types of spiders as well. They are definitely not welcome inside my home.

The first time I caught a possum out in my backyard I wasn't too happy. Neither were my dogs. I know they are harmless but I still don't really want to be close up with one. They are scary looking. Oh, and they are scary sounding too.

The one thing about living here in Amarillo that I think is one of those things that people just assume is about armadillos. I don't know if it is because armadillo sounds an awful like Amarillo but I think outsiders think they are roaming all over the place.

I can't think of a time that I was ever really near an armadillo. I mean I was up close with the Amarillo Dilla. Do you remember the Dilla Dude? You could catch an Amarillo Dilla's game or even when he made an appearance with my friend at an Amarillo Sox game.

credit: Sherry Philyaw
credit: Sherry Philyaw

That was probably the only time. I have not ever seen an armadillo here in town. Ever. Maybe at the Amarillo Zoo. Never just out in the open.

How about you? Were you up close and personal with an armadillo in Amarillo? OK, fess up.

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