Committing a crime is always something that either takes a complete mental lapse in judgment, or you've just gone down the wrong path in life and that's what you do.

I don't know which one this falls under, but I can tell you regardless there was a bit of a mental lapse here.

Nathan Lee was arrested in Borger after deciding to use a stolen credit card at a convenience store. Not the brightest move to have a stolen credit card in the first place, but to go into a public place to use it is even sillier.

Because he went into a public setting with cameras all around him, he was easily tracked down and he was hit with all sorts of other things. Police were able to use surveillance from the convenience store to get video of the man using it, as well as the car he was driving.

Once police ran the plate number, it led them to a house in Borger where Lee was found, and not only with the stolen credit card. Once police arrived, they recovered a handgun, which was also stolen, along with the credit card. They also seized an unspecified amount of methamphetamine.

Lee is now in jail facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, theft of a firearm, and fraudulent use/possession of a credit/debit card.

I hope whatever he got at the convenience store was worth it because if he's found guilty on all these charges, he won't be enjoying anything from the convenience store any time soon.

Amarillo On 'America's Most Wanted'

I was surprised to find out recently that we also have a bit of a history with the show America's Most Wanted.

Digging through old news articles, I found several separate occasions where Amarillo and America's Most Wanted crossed paths. It makes me wonder if there are some that I've missed.

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