As a parent here in Amarillo you really have a tough job. I mean you have to provide everything for those precious children. There is the food, the shelter, the clothes just to name a few.

They also expect you to provide some fun family moments growing up. Family traditions that they can then pass on to their children. You have to figure out what fun activities they will actually enjoy.

Camping can be one of those fun bonding moments. Putting up a tent. Sleeping in the great outdoors. Cooking dinner over a fire can be a lot of fun. You have to remember to bring the marshmallows for an after-dinner snack. Camping can be a lot of fun.

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There can be a lot of cost to it too. So there would be nothing worse than to buy all the equipment you need just to find out one of your precious kids' absolutely hates the great outdoors. So what is a parent to do?

You Can Have a Free Camping Test Run

There is a way you can test the camping waters with your family for free. This seems like a really cool idea that Amarillo Parks and Rec is bringing to Southeast Park. They will provide the tent. They will also provide dinner and snacks. You provide the family and a sleeping bag or blankets.

This will be happening overnight in April so get the family signed up. They will also provide overnight security. This is a great way to figure out if your family is cut out for roughing it just a little. An easier way to test the waters.

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