I know most of us dream about what we would do if we won the lottery. Would we quit our job? How about travel the world? Pay off all of your debts and those of your family. Would you donate a bunch of it to charity?

You would hope that you would make all of the right decisions and not blow it. You want to become one of those that the winning doesn't totally ruin your life. I mean there are plenty of stories of how the lottery made things worse for people.

Big Texas Lottery Winner in Hereford

Well, hopefully winning the lottery is good news for someone in Hereford. Because that is exactly what happened. Someone won themself five million dollars on a lottery ticket. No, it wasn't during one of the drawings. This money was won from a scratch off.

I have always heard you could win big money like that. I just have never heard of that big of a jackpot on a scratch-off. I know they are out there. Heck, I don't play the lottery too much. I am rethinking my life decisions.

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I do know the odds of winning money like that are pretty slim. Although it did happen recently in Hereford. The scratch-off ticket was purchased at Allsups - 515 South 25 Mile Avenue. I just couldn't imagine.

I would love to actually daydream about such a thing. I mean the excitement this person must have had. The scratch-off purchased was called the $200,000,000 Cash Blowout. This game has prizes ranging from five million all the way up to fifty million.

Not a bad day. Whoever won the money in Hereford has already claimed their prize on Thursday. So congratulations to the latest millionaire to come out of Hereford, Texas.

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