You can not even begin to imagine the amount of stuff that Amarillo leaves for us to find on its streets. It's crazy the treasures we find. Now I say treasures because some of the stuff is actually cool.

Some stuff can be considered just trash. From the end of March until early November you can see these crazy women in their pink shirts walking many miles around Amarillo. Many miles? Close to four hundred and fifty miles we put on our shoes since the time we started in March.

I would say that is a lot of miles. We walk so my buddy, Sherry can train for a couple of Three-Day Walks for Susan G. Komen. She finished one in Dallas already and is about to head to San Diego this weekend for the second one.

I like to look back at a lot of the different items we find on the route on our way. I will say that I did keep the concert ticket. Hey, I am in radio and love music. I think it is cool that it is in such good condition.

My buddy Sherry keeps the tools and she even bought a toolbox to keep her finds. So come along on this magical walk with us. Come check out some of the goodness we found around Amarillo.

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