As we get closer and closer to Easter in Amarillo we need to find ways to celebrate. Of course, we have our family time and we go to church. There are also ways to celebrate leading up to the big day.

Easter is always such a great time because we are getting closer and closer to spring. We will start spending a lot more time outdoors.

What is Going on For Easter in the Area This Year?

Just in case you don't know Easter Sunday is coming up on March 31st. It's a little early this year so it might take you by surprise. Don't let it. Get your Plans Together for 2024.

Opening Weekend for Wonderland

If you have been waiting for the park to open so you can take the family it's almost here. Wonderland Park always opens up on Easter Weekend. You can check out their hours and information HERE. 

Little Bee's Playhouse Bunnies and Playtime

If you got young ones you have probably been to Little Bee's Playhouse in Wolflin. They are hosting their Easter fun. Your family will get to play and they will also have live bunnies for great photos in time for Easter. It will be happening March 23rd and you have to reserve your spot.

Canyon Easter Egg Hunt

If you live in Canyon you may be up for an Easter Egg Hunt. It will be happening at Conner Park. Of course, you can't have a hunt without the Easter Bunny. There will be games and photos as well.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Healthkyk Nutrition's Photos with Live Bunnies

What is cuter than photos with all those cute live bunnies? The answer is nothing. You can bring the family to get their photos. I think this is a nice option for the kids who freak out at the sight of a big person in an Easter Bunny costume. Not many kids think that is cool. There are some. I know. The majority will love to be around cute little bunnies. So another great opportunity for that.

We will keep updating this list. If we missed anything let us know.

Where the Kids Can Let Off Some Steam - Amarillo Parks

Spring will be arriving and the kiddos need to get outdoors some more.

What Do I Have to Do to Go to Wonderland

All the great rides of Wonderland Park in Amarillo

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett