This school year is just flying by. It seems like the kids just went back to school from Christmas break. Before you know it Spring Break will be here. We are about a month away from that. Are you as a parent ready?

In a perfect world, you will be able to take the time off with them and do something fun as a family, in the real world that doesn't always happen. I very rarely got to take that time off with my child. As a parent, you really want to.

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Yes, kids get a week off for Spring Break. Enjoy it because that doesn't always happen when you join the real world. The adult version of you will probably have to work. So that leads to the question of what to do with the kids that week.

Maybe you have daycare help for a time like that. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who have family or friends in the area who can step in. If not then you may have that struggle every year.

Luckily there are places right now that are helping you make those plans. Plans that your kids will love. You want them to have fun that week while you are working. If they are you will actually get to get your work done and not answer countless calls and texts from them.

Option One

The Maverick Club has a week of fun and field trips. Their camp will only cost you $50 and that includes meals. You wouldn't be able to feed the kids yourself for just fifty dollars so this is a great deal. They will have fun. Registration is about to open so don't wait.

Option Two

The Discovery Center has its spring break fun as well. The kids will be kept busy. They will learn. They will have fun and bring home crafts every day. Another option that will help you get to get your work done while they play. Registration is open now.

The kids can have fun and you can still work. You just need to start making your plans now. Get your kiddos all registered and sit back and enjoy knowing you did your part.

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