I love it when a restaurant in Amarillo announces its existence and the next thing you know bam they are opened. They are not dragging their feet at all. There is no waiting. We don't find out about them one week and then nothing.

The next thing we might hear is that they are starting the hiring process. Then we have to wait for the training to happen. Oh, and then a few months later, if we are lucky, we find out they are opening.

That is not what happened with this new restaurant in Amarillo. Nope, not at all. We just found out about Sai Indian Cuisine moving into the former Brent's location on Olsen a little over a week ago.

There wasn't much time between finding out about them and then hearing they are officially open. I love the instant gratification in something like that. So if you are ready to try out a new Indian Restaurant in Amarillo now is your chance.

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If you have never had Indian food and are not quite sure what to expect. I mean I get it you don't want to go in and pick out something off the menu without knowing what to expect. Nothing is worse than getting something and maybe not enjoying it. So Sai Indian Cuisine is taking the guesswork out of it.

They offer a buffet. So you can try a little bit of everything. You are not sure you will love butter chicken? Well, the answer is probably yes you will but you can give it a try on the buffet. They will have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

A new place in Amarillo. A new buffet. That is a recipe for success.

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