It may seem like this year is just flying by. It seems like just yesterday it was December and Christmas time was upon us. For one Amarillo family, the time has just drug on. That is because that family was without their family business.

It has been a long time for them since the day they lost everything. Their business, Advance Tire Shop caught on fire on December 1st. Since the fire, it has taken a lot to rebuild. It was a total loss and they decided to rebuild but not in the same location.

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The fire happened at 2200 SE 27th. Now I use to live in the area and I would drive by all the time. They were in the same parking lot as Cool Cats Snow Cone Stand. Heck, I had a young child who loved snow cones so I was there a lot. Advance Tire Shop was right there. We would always see customers needing their tires fixed or replaced.  This was a well-known business. Unfortunately, it was a total loss. All because of someone else's carelessness. That is the real kicker of all of this.

Luckily there were donations to help. A Go-Fund-Me was set up. I mean they needed help. This family just lost their business. They did not have insurance on the place. They had just welcomed a baby home a few months prior. They had a lot going on and this fire destroyed a lot.

After three long months, I saw the good news on social media. They were finally getting back on their feet. Advance Tire Shop was going on to see another day. They were even getting a brand new location.

So this is good news. A local family that has been through so much is going to get to continue their family business. Go and see them as 3811 I-40 East.

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