I know that we have to change in order to improve. It seems like every day something is closing. Just like every day something new is coming to Amarillo. It is just the way of the world. The way of our city.

In order to improve we have to keep moving, right? As I am driving down the streets of Amarillo I  can't help but think back. What use to be in that parking lot on 34th and Georgia that now has that massive Toot n Totum?

What was that restaurant before it became Red River Steak House? It's been a few things. I remember.

Sometimes I want to go back to the simpler times. I, though, am pretty thrilled with our progression. Just keep all the great new places coming. Even if we have to lose a place or two.

Some of the places we have lost hurt. I know that. We can always go back and think about those great memories and decide to make new ones. There is always time for that.

Oh The Ways Amarillo Has Changed Part Two

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