Oh, the stories our Amarillo homes can tell. Probably not any as good as this one. We have several homes in Amarillo with a story to tell. We just have to sit back and listen. The older the better. Those have the best stories.

This Amarillo home for sale has an interesting story in the fact that it was home to a member of The Addams Family. Yes, that Addams Family. You know how the song goes:

They're creepy and they're kooky
Mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky
The Addams family

This home for sale at 2503 S Harrison, listed by Andy Justus, Wieck Realty, Inc. was the childhood home of Carolyn Jones. Carolyn Jones played Morticia Addams in the original Addams Family Television show.


Carolyn was born here in Amarillo back in 1933. She graduated from Amarillo High School in 1947. She was best known for playing Morticia Addams.

You could own it and have the ultimate story to tell. The home has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $295,000. It's a cute home in Wolflin with a lot more to offer. The home has beautiful hardwood floors throughout. It even includes a basement and an apartment.

That apartment could get you extra income if you are looking for that. Plus the story you can tell at parties is perfect. Who else can say they lived in Morticia Addams home? Not many. That is a great story to tell.

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The former childhood home of Carolyn Jones, Morticia Addams for sale in Amarillo.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM