Going on a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. You never know what you are going to find. Spending a day out thrift shopping can be the same thing. Walking into a store and walking out with a find, is such a great feeling.

Thrift stores can be hit or miss. Depending on what you are looking for. I love to go to thrift stores around town. You can find so many treasures. They are especially great if you are moving into a new home. Your first home and you need stuff for your kitchen.

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You know the stuff you need. Your kitchen may be lacking in dishes, silverware, utensils, and coffee cups. You can grab all of that stuff at a great price at an Amarillo thrift store. Not only that but pots and pans can be so expensive but not if you find them amongst your treasures.

What self-respecting kitchen doesn't have the must-haves? You are going to need a can opener, a coffee pot, and even a toaster. Why spend a lot on those? That is where a thrift store can really help you.

I am big into looking for different treasures like old concert t-shirts. You can find such cool vintage stuff on the racks. How about a treasured book for you or the kids? Yep, you can find so many cool things.

I remember when I would hit up the thrift stores for records. You can still find some on the shelves and guess what? They are cool again. Vinyl is cool. Heck, they have old DVD's and even the electronics to play them on. Do you need a DVD player? You may be able to score one at one of our thrift stores.

The hunt is so much fun. You feel so great finding the items you need and not paying retail for them. Oh, how I love thrift shops.

Amarillo has a lot for you to go hunting through.

Amarillo Thrift Stores

  • America's Best Thrift Store - 3015 Plains Blvd
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store - 1211 SE 27th
  • Downtown Women's Center - 814 SW 10th
  • Back & Forth - 1765 S Avondale
  • That Place Resale Store - 3424 S Western
  • Uptown Shoppe - 812 SW 10th
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore - 2626 Paramount Blvd
  • American Council of Blind - 403 S Western
  • The White Peacock Resale Shop - 3318 S Georgia
  • Goodwill - 5807 SW 45th
  • Goodwill I40 - 1904 Bell Street

There are several places around town to start your hunt. You will not believe all the great stuff you can find. Take a weekend and go thrift store shopping. You won't regret it and who knows what treasures you will find.

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