I spent a lot of time on the road as a kid. We traveled from Texas to Phoenix every summer. When we lived in Illinois we made that trek from there as well. So many hours in the car. Many hours in the backseat with my sister wishing we had TVs or video games to pass the time.

Oh, technology is a great thing. I do think that the kids are missing out on a lot of fun if all they do is have their eyes glued to a screen. They need to master the art of screaming out their answer before everyone else in the car. I mean that is a skill in life that they need.

The innocence of the eighties when I was growing up and thinking these are games that we came up with. Not that these were the ways that our parents passed the time too.

So summer is fast approaching and you may be planning your own little road trip. It may be a few hours in the car. You may opt for a longer time on the road with your family. You want to make sure you have fun and make memories.

These games were the ones we have played for years.

I Spy With My Little Eye

You know the routine you tell everyone playing "I spy with my little eye something ____" That is usually followed by a color. Do you see that blue motorcycle? That may be what you spied. Maybe it is that yellow flag in the distance. Once someone guesses your object it is their turn. You may decide to just use items in the car. You may pick stuff outside. Or heck you can live dangerously and include everything. Why not?

License Plate Game

Oh, this is an oldie but a goody. You try to find license plates from all fifty states. This game can take forever but when you find one that is hard to find you feel such an accomplishment. I think it got easier with the number of rental cars on the road. It's still a lot of fun.

Name That Tune

I mean this has got to be one of my favorite games and why I am in radio now. Basically, you tune through the radio and see who is the first person to name the song playing. Extra points if you can name the artist. Heck, even more if you know what album it is from.

The Alphabet Game

You try to find signs with words from a through z when playing this game. We used to try to make it harder by having each player not only find a new sign but also repeat the previous ones. So they would start with saying "Arby's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A" and then adding Domino's

Slug Bug

Oh, this was my favorite game. You keep an eye out for Volkswagon Beetles and then you scream "Slug Bug". That is followed by you getting to punch your sibling. It was the only time I could do this and not get in trouble. Oh, how I loved this game.

Trying to Get the Semi to Honk at Us

We used to love passing the time by using the arm gesture. You know what I mean. Pumping your arm and making sure the trucker next to you sees you. Then you wait in anticipation. You sure hope you hear that loud honk coming back from them. It's a win when you do. It was so much fun.

The truck runs on the highway with speed. 3d render and illustration.

So even though the technology is a thing and you can pass your time watching a movie or scrolling through social media if you do that you are missing a lot. You will be missing a lot of quality family time and great memories.

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