Just in case you didn't hear the Slug Bug Ranch is moving to Amarillo. We are going to be lucky enough to not only have the Cadillac Ranch here but there is also going to be another stop down Interstate 40 to enjoy the Slug Bug Ranch as well.

If this is not perfect for Amarillo, I don't know what is. So it's about time for the Slug Bugs to have their forever home here in our city. According to a recent press release, the Slug Bug Ranch was created in 2002 by the Crutchfield Family in Conway, Texas.

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There is where five Volkswagen Beetles were buried nose down near the Crutchfield's service station and curio shop. It was a great place for enthusiasts to stop while they were traveling down Route 66.

That is where they stayed until recently:

In 2023, Mrs Crutchfield sought the assistance of the Old Route 66 Association of Texas to find a new home for the Bug Ranch. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of Bobby Lee and Mrs. Crutchfield, the Bug Ranch has found a new residence in Amarillo, Texas, ensuring that this beloved roadside attraction lives on for future generations to enjoy.

Coming up on June 14th, at 6 pm the Bug Ranch Association will be unveiling the new Bug Ranch location at 1415 Sunrise Drive. This will be our first look at their forever home in Amarillo. This event is free and a great way to honor the legacy of the Bug Ranch.

So Amarillo is ready to be the home to both the Cadillac Ranch and the Slug Bug Ranch and we are getting ready to christen them and welcome them to our city.

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