I try to make it a habit I really do. If I am going to the grocery store I have to eat something before I leave. If I am out and about I will drive thru somewhere and scarf down a burger and fries before I pull into the grocery store parking lot.

It just makes so much sense. I mean if I go shopping hungry I am just asking for a world of hurt. I will definitely veer off of that carefully planned list I have on my phone. I will make way too many impulse purchases because everything looks good. You understand, right?

When I use to shop with my daughter as a small child I loved that Walmart on Georgia Street had a McDonald's up front. It kept her happy. It kept her full. Oh, and more importantly it kept her occupied and kept her from asking for everything on the shelf too. It kept her from crying.

So now that I am a Mimi and I go shopping with my granddaughter we sometimes run across a problem. She gets hungry. I mean we are in a grocery store. So what's wrong with grabbing something off the shelf to keep her happy?

I feel you will be much happier without my screaming grandbaby making a scene. She is not even two so sometimes it happens. Can I grab a box of Nutri Grain bars so she can snack? I mean is that legal? I know it may be smart. Happy baby, happy life but could I get in trouble?

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I'm sure the store doesn't want to watch all of the customers snacking away as they walk down the aisle. I am talking about extreme situations. Like a crying baby. I sometimes feel other customers would gladly go through the line themselves and purchase that Nutri Grain bar.

I know I just want to get out of the store without more of a scene. So maybe, just maybe I have grabbed a box and opened it. I may have then handed Laila a bar to snack on. Instant quietness. It is worth it.

Could I get in trouble? Will the store come after me? I highly doubt it since I do always throw that opened box in the cart. I do pay for it. Oh, and more importantly I then throw her wrapper in the garbage.

You're legally obligated to pay for however much you took from the store. So if you don't pay for what you've already eaten, then technically you've stolen it.

Still, if no store employee, loss-prevention officer, or cashier calls you out on your unauthorized (and unpaid-for) snacking, you probably won't be prosecuted. You'll just have to deal with the guilt of knowing what you've done. -FindLaw.com

So I don't feel bad if I need to throw a Hail Mary. If I have to soothe a crying baby and if the only thing that will do it is a snack from the store. I don't make a habit out of it. Just in those "In case of emergency - break glass moments".

I hope if you find yourself needing a snack for you or your child that you do the right thing. Make sure it is paid for at the end of your shopping trip. The store will thank you for it.

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