With open carry here in Texas, we hear a lot about gun safety. It's definitely a discussion that needs to be had, and keeps needing to be had. If you're going to own a gun, you need to understand you have a deadly weapon in your hands, no matter your intention for it.

Same thing goes for safety when cleaning your gun, and unfortunately, someone here in Texas forgot all the rules to prep your piece for cleaning.

A four-year-old toddler in San Antonio was shot in the head by his grandfather as he was cleaning his gun. The grandfather went to the gun range earlier in the day, and when he came home, he decided to clean the weapon.

Unfortunately, it sounds like he forgot to clear the chamber at minimum. As he was cleaning it, the gun randomly fired off. His grandchild was in the vicinity and the bullet hit the child in the head.

The bullet thankfully didn't penetrate the child, it grazed his head. However, it was an immediate traumatic moment that could've been avoided. The child is expected to survive and be ok in the end.

Bottom line is this, owning a weapon is a right of ours, and the ability to open carry is another one of those rights. However, it shouldn't be taken lightly. When you're cleaning your gun, you need to take the utmost precaution.

Always check the chamber, remove the magazine, then double check it just to be sure. We shouldn't have to hear about the negligence of gun owners affecting anyone, let alone little children. This tragedy could've been far worse, but thankfully it wasn't.

Exercise your rights, I'm all for it. Just remember the responsibility that comes with it.

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