It can be the saddest moment for a person or family. The panic that sets in, the tears that are shed, the countless hours of searching.

Nothing is worse than your pet getting out of the house or backyard and wandering the streets of Amarillo. All you want to do is love on your pet, but you notice they're nowhere to be found.

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You wander outside the neighborhood hoping they've just scampered off to play with the neighbors dog, but they aren't there. You walk around a bit more, incessantly calling out your pets name. They don't come running. You hop in the car, drive around everywhere hoping they'll pop up. You don't see them anywhere.

Well, there is a way to find your pet a bit easier these days, and it's been around for awhile. Many pets have been found because their owners microchipped them. It's been one of the best advancements for pets in a long time, and there's been a lot more reuniting than there has been lost forever pets.

Microchipping typically comes with a cost though. Sometimes people just don't want to pay for it to be done, others simply can't afford it.

Good news, Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare is now offering FREE microchipping in the month of October, so now there's no excuse! Every Saturday this month, you can take your pet to the shelter at 3501 Osage between 10 am and 5 pm to get your pet microchipped.

You don't need to make an appointment and the process only takes a few minutes. So get on out there and make sure you get it done! I promise, it'll be much easier to locate your loved one if they decide to go on a journey through the city.

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