These are the stories that make our nightmares real in Texas. This Texas family is living it. Of course, it doesn't matter how old your kids are things like this should never happen. As your child grows and starts living their own lives you never stop worrying as a parent.

Especially when something like this happens. Austin Bennett Tice was a journalist from Houston, Texas. He always wanted to be a reporter. He did his training to travel the world. He was prepared. He was a US Marine Veteran. He went to law school before he got his big break.

He was living his dream as a freelance reporter doing work for the likes of CBS and The Washington Post. His work brought him to Syria back in 2012. That is where he stays to this day. He was covering the unrest in Syria when he was abducted.

No group has ever come forward saying that they are holding him. It is believed that he is still alive. We have tried as a country for years to get his release. It has not happened in the twelve long years that he has been gone.

Imagine being his family and having to spend yet another birthday or Christmas not knowing if he is ever going to be released. These twelve years have been tough. They have met with past Presidents over the years. He has not been forgotten by our country at all.

According to an article in The Guardian: 

As part of a statement issued to mark the tenth anniversary of Tice's captivity, Biden noted that the US government knew "with certainty" that the journalist was being held by the Syrian government.

Will he ever be freed? When and if he comes back how has all of this affected him? You know his family dreams of the day they get to give him another hug.

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