When you think of the Alamo you think about all of the history that has happened there. I learned all about it in the seventh grade, Texas History. That was the year I moved to Texas. Nothing like a crash course in everything Texas.

Coming from up north I needed to learn a lot and fast. I mean I wanted to fit in. I think I have done my part. Heck, I am still here. That seventh-grade history class was a lifetime ago.

I did visit the Alamo once. My one trip to San Antonio was back in 2000 when I had tickets for the Alamo Bowl - Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Northwestern Wildcats. So my first trip to San Antonio was for sports. We did have time to head to the River Walk. We also made sure that we made a stop and toured the Alamo as well.

I feel you are not a real Texan unless you make a trip to the Alamo. I got to thinking and decided to look to see how many famous people also made that trip. That list was long.

Some of the Celebrities That Visited the Alamo Over the Years

Celebrities at the Alamo

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM