I know it is still pretty early in the year but can we sit back and dream about the smell of barbecue? I mean one of the biggest events in our area is our barbecue cook-offs. Amarillo has its Good Times Celebration Barbecue.

Which was usually in September. Thanks to Covid and moving the celebration to the Tri-State Fairgrounds it had to be moved to October. They have something called the Tri-State Fair to make it impossible to keep the barbecue in the month of September.

Several years ago Canyon joined in on the fun. . They started their Canyon Chamber Chow Down. It has always been a fun time and on a  smaller scale than Amarillo's. Still a lot of fun for everyone. Theirs is also in October.

It wasn't supposed to be this year though. They thought having their barbecue in March would be the way to go. That was until yesterday.

So with this announcement, it leaves a little problem. Let me tell you that both Amarillo and Canyon know how to party. But can we party this much?

Here is the problem. Amarillo is hosting its barbecue on October 5th. If you are a cook team that means you are basically Amarillo Chamber BBQ all week through the event. You have to buy the supplies. You have to get set up. Oh, then there is the media day on Wednesday all before the event that is open to the public on Thursday. By Friday you are just exhausted.

credit: Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
credit: Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

This change that Canyon just put a little wrench in that week's plan. If you are a business that likes to participate in both you are making that week even longer and busier. Now instead of relaxing on Friday, you have to head to Canyon.

I wonder if this will hurt or help both chambers. Will the attendees think that is too much barbecue in one week? Or will they look forward to another day to party? I am already tired just thinking about it.

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