We have been lucky so far. We have had cold weather but no snow. I mean, yes, we have had flurries, but nothing has really stuck to the ground. As we make our move further and further into December we know that luck will change.

It is inevitable we will wake up some morning with snow on the ground. We may even be traveling for Christmas when the snow hits. Heck, it could even happen after Christmas. Our weather really is so unpredictable.

I remember one December a few days after Christmas we were heading on the road to Dallas. We knew we could be hitting some snow on the way. Oh, and we did. I did the research on what I should have in my car just in case.

First, you want to make sure you have a full gas tank. If you are traveling and know you are going to hit some bad weather you had better stop and fill up beforehand. Nothing is worse than being stuck and watching your car plunge to empty. There goes your primary source of heat.

I remember on our trip after Christmas we got to Wichita Falls and there was not one gas station that had any gas. It was so weird but it was because of the snowstorm and everyone filling up. Luckily I had enough gas to make it to the next stop but that could have been bad.

You also best have a phone charger. Next to running out of gas having a phone die has to be right up there in what not to do. I mean you then lose out on communication with anyone.

Make sure you have blankets to keep warm, just in case. It would be wise to have water and snacks. Sometimes the roads become untravelable and you will have to pull over. Those snacks and water could really come in handy.

I always have jumper cables in my car. It doesn't matter if it is wintertime or not. So if you don't already own some you better invest and keep them in your trunk.

These are good things to just keep in your car regularly when the weather gets bad. You never know when you just might be in need. Let's hope that this winter is not that bad. We need to be prepared just in case though.

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