People really have strong opinions on sushi. It seems you either really love it or you don't. I never really had sushi before until two of my friends separately on my birthday one year wanted to take me to have sushi.

One took me out for lunch. The other took me to dinner. I was not brave enough to order my own sushi for lunch. So I ordered something else and tried some of my friends. I loved it. So when I went out for dinner I went ahead and got my own. This was the day I also learned about wasabi. My friend said it looked like guacamole but don't load up on it like I would pile the guac on a chip. I never forgot that.

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Oh, but I love wasabi and I love sushi. After that experience, I remember introducing my daughter to it at a young age. That was a mistake. She loved it. So she wanted to always go out and get sushi. We all know it's not the cheapest.

Close up on salmon sashimi texture

I started out trying and liking the more tame stuff like the California Rolls. Now I am not afraid to try anything. Raw fish? Sure I will try it. As long as I have some wasabi I am good.

Back when we were first trying sushi Amarillo didn't have a ton of choices of where to go. I could only remember a couple of places. How Amarillo has changed. We have plenty of places to get good quality sushi these days.

Closeup japanese sushi
Iuliia Azarova

Where is Your Favorite Sushi Place in Amarillo?

  • Sushi House
  • Lemongrass Sushi & Wok
  • Young Sushi "Rocks"
  • Bankok Tokyo
  • Rain Premiere Bar & Lounge
  • Ichiban
  • Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
  • Hibachi Kingdom
  • Sushi Express Amarillo
  • Tsunami Japanese Steak House
  • Kabuki Romanza
  • Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
  • Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
  • Sabaidee Restaurant
  • United Supermarkets

I know it seems weird to add a grocery store to the list. Really they have good sushi. I stop by the counter every now and then and grab something to bring home. Plus you can't beat five dollar Friday.

Where Do You End Up Going for Sushi?

Did I miss somewhere? Definitely let me know.

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