Throughout history men have always been the tough ones for the family as they are usually seen as the breadwinners but one small word seems to make men weak in the knees and that's vasectomy. Now most people reading this know what a vasectomy is and that's a little procedure that is done to a man which cuts the supply of sperm to the semen. It's also referred to as a little 'snip snip' and is a very common procedure with 99% effectiveness.

You may be asking why are we chatting about vasectomies, well they are actually very popular and in a Facebook group one Amarillo woman asked the group for a local referral for her husband. This referral led to quite a surprise when lots of wives responded with telling the woman to take her husband to the Lubbock Urology Clinic. The clinic has great doctors all with experience in vasectomies and these procedures, when compared to Amarillo, are very inexpensive.

The Lubbock Urology Clinic does take insurance which results in a consultation and then the procedure two days later but some women claimed that their husbands had everything done in the same day. This is because those men paid with cash and were able to get the consultation done then in just a few hours get the procedure and walk away happy. Yes they can walk after. The doctors also seem to take into consideration the patients time and most tend to schedule procedures on a Friday so that patients have the weekend to recover if there is any soreness.

There is no exact number on how many people the Lubbock Urology Clinic sees but they do have two offices, North and South, that both perform the procedures. These procedures are not done in the hundreds a month, since they are a one time thing, but it does vary depending on the mans occupation and the time of year. These factors do play into how many monthly vasectomies the offices see as a man would probably prefer to get the procedure when he doesn't have to work as hard.

So it does seem that Lubbock is the hotspot in West Texas for vasectomies, specifically the Lubbock Urology Clinic. More information about the Lubbock Urology Clinic and all the other things their doctors specialize in can be found on their website.

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