Ever had the sudden itch to just move the heck away from it all? I know I have....

I honestly would just love to pack up all my bags and vanish into the night--especially around tax time. But I digress.

I came across this home that's listed for sale with Bryce Hale w/ Perryton Realty and went "that's it. That's where I would flee to and get far away from everybody."

Why? Just Look How Greeeeeeeen

Seriously. It's green. It's pretty. It's far away, but not so far away that my friends and family can't come visit me. Did I mention that it's green?

It's leafy and green.


But seriously, this is a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom sprawling resort style home that's tucked away north of Amarillo in the itty bitty town of Perryton. It's listed for $850,000 and it seems like it just might be worth the price tag.

The features are pretty nice, too

It's super lush and green on the outside, and once you take a peek inside it's just as pretty. There's a wood-burning fireplace and windows that really let in the sunlight.

The kitchen? That's chef grade appliances right there, y'all. It's luxe.

There's a little garden shed in the backyard that caught my eye. Sure, I could keep gardening tools in there. Or I could use it as a fully decked out pad for my two dogs. Choices, choices...hmmm.

But, without further ado, I bring you the glorious green of 2404 Gardenia Place, Perryton Texas.

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This leafy slice of green paradise is listed for $850,000 with Bryce Hale w/ Perryton Realty!