Amarillo is full of amazing beautiful houses.  Houses that have been standing for over a century.   Some of these amazing houses look like they are barely surviving while others have been taken care of and remodeled.

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There is a home on the eastside of Amarillo that many people have driven by over the years.

27th and Roberts

This home was built in 1915 and is currently 109 years old.  For years, if you were to drive by this house, you would notice that it was old and looked like it was falling apart.

Photo Courtesy Maira Campos
Photo Courtesy Maira Campos

However, all that changed when the Campos family purchased this home in 2015. They bought a 100-year-old house and began the process of bringing this beautiful home back to life.  Maira Campos shared that she and her husband were in their 20s when they bought this home and started this renovation.  

We chose flooring that would not damage the terrazzo because we plan to renovate it as we get older. We kept the doors, baseboards, fireplace, and the terrazzo on our porch. Unfortunately, many of the things we had to replace. It took us many years to renovate because my husband/family did most of the work. We are still working on it but we are happy to live in this historical home

The transformation of this home is amazing and you can see the love that was put into this home.

Check Out the Amazing Transformation of this Century-Plus Amarillo Home

This historical Amarillo home was built in 1915. The current owners purchased this 3-bedroom, 2-bath two-story home in 2015 and began renovations. The transformation is amazing.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford