A Fritch, Texas resident is now a millionaire thanks to a Texas Lottery scratch-off.

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One of the cool things about stopping at a convenience store to get gas, a drink, or to use the restroom is coming up to the checkout counter and seeing the lottery tickets.  Most of the time, you don't buy any, but occasionally, you'll pick up a couple of lottery tickets because you just feel lucky.

That Luck Came to a Fritch resident!

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

This particular Fritch resident bought a Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket called the Millionaire Maker.   They probably thought they would win their money back or a few extra bucks, but no, that ticket stood up to its name and made that Fritch resident a millionaire.

The ticket was purchased at the Chisum Travel Center, located at 820 S. FM 1912 in Amarillo.


Of course, as expected, the winner asked to remain anonymous.  However, if you live in Fritch, you'll probably see a few signs that one of your fellow neighbors has a little extra money.  Maybe some updates to the house, a new boat to zoom around Lake Meredith, a new RV, or maybe a new car.  Who knows?  They get to live the dream of what they would do if they won the lottery.

The Millionaire Maker scratch-off has 15 - $1M winners, as of now only 4 have been claimed including the winner in Fritch.   This particular scratch-off has more than $200 million in prizes.  There is a one in 3.54 chance of winning something off of this scratch-off and the odds of winning the top prize of $1M is one in 608,000.

Congratulations to whoever won $1,000,000!  Enjoy your prize and live your best life.

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