Texas is a great state for many things, from Dallas to Corpus Christi, Amarillo to Laredo, El Paso to Beaumont, and everywhere in between.

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If you own a car, at some point, you will need to take it to a mechanic for maintenance or repairs. This can be worrying because you know the cost will likely be high, with a minimum of $500 or even thousands of dollars.

However, when it comes to car repair the prices fluctuate from city to city across the United States.   If you live in one of these Texas cities, congratulations you pay the least for car repairs in the United States.

Amarillo, Texas

Sarah Clarks/Canva
Sarah Clarks/Canva

If you're driving down I-40 or I-27 and you start feeling your car sputter, stutter, or die, you know you're in for some pricey repairs, however, you're in luck.  If you live in Amarillo, you are paying 19.54% lower prices for car repairs.

Laredo, Texas


If you live in Laredo, you're paying a little more than Amarillo, but way less than other places.  Laredo car repair prices are 19.30% lower than everywhere else.

That's interesting to have two cities, one at the top of Texas and one at the bottom of Texas have the cheapest car repair prices in the country.  The cities that pay the highest for car repairs are San Fransico and San Jose, California, they pay over 20% higher prices.


What's the Average Cost of Car Repairs?

The average cost of a car repair is $392.  However, the costs of car repairs climb at least 20% every year.

SOURCE: Net Credit - The U.S. States and Cities that Pay the Biggest Premium for Car Repairs

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