When you go to any Applebee's in Texas, you're just looking for a good meal, maybe a drink special, and that's about it.  You aren't paying to watch a boxing match go down.

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However, those that visited this Paris, Texas Applebee's got dinner and a show when fists started flying.   Who knew the smackdown was coming?

It seems the fight moved to the parking lot later.

Fights happen everywhere, but it seems that a lot of fights go down at Applebee's. What is it that brings out the brawl in people at Applebee's? It seems that Applebee's is the place to get into a fight. The funny thing is this isn't the only fight that has gone down at an Applebee's.

Shreveport, LA a fight went down at a local Applebee's

Atlanta, GA, and Applebee's

Winter Haven, Florida

Heck the fights even go down in the Applebee's kitchen

You could get stuck in a rabbit hole of fights happening at Applebee's all over the country. Fights happen all over and yes, even in other restaurants and businesses, but for some reason Applebee's brings out the best in people. Maybe it's just during those $1 drink specials.

It's probably just a coincidence that many fights occur here, and people are responsible for themselves and how they act and carry themselves. It's not the responsibility of a business to teach its patrons how to act. Now if the business's employees are the ones fighting then it is the business's responsibility to handle that problem. However, if you go into a restaurant, starting a fight is probably not a good idea no matter how ticked off you may be at the time.

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