Amarillo, Texas is known for many things, but who knew this small animal would choose to make Amarillo its home?

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We are used to seeing all sorts of wildlife in Amarillo including, foxes, opossums, porcupines, and prairie dogs, but not creatures who like a lot of water.

I was shocked when I learned that these little animals that make their homes near rivers and streams actually have a home in Amarillo.


Beaver at Work

I thought the closest we would ever get to having beavers in Amarillo is Buc-ees. Oh and that other place, but they closed their doors a long time ago.

Apparently, Thompson Park is home to a family of beavers.

This is somewhat amazing, according to Texas Monthly, beavers haven't been a part of the West Texas ecosystem in over 5,000 years.   Having them back in the area will be beneficial to our environment.

I haven't been to Thompson Park in a while, so this is exciting news.  It might be fun to visit and see these amazing creatures in action.

What's good about beavers?

  • They can help heal drought-stricken areas
  • They help prevent wildfires
  • Habitats - create ponds that provide nutrients, and vegetation for other wildlife.
  • Their environments can soak up precipitation and help with runoff preventing floods

Those are just a few of the benefits.

Next time you're in Thompson Park, you can go on a beaver hunt.  Just don't disturb their homes or even the animals themselves.  These animals are wild animals helping our environment.  Look but don't touch.

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