When it comes to spring in Amarillo and Canyon, things start happening.  The flowers start blooming, it usually rains, and of course, the flies, mosquitoes, and bees emerge.

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Since it is the beginning of spring, the bees are out and about working because the flowers are blooming.

Bee Swarms


Bees have started to swarm the Hunsley Hills area in Canyon and other areas in the Texas Panhandle.   Bee swarms aren't uncommon in the spring.

What is a Bee Swarm?

According to Creek House Honey Farm:

 A swarm is defined as a great number of honeybees moving together from the original hive to a new home. Typically, the bees will land temporarily to send out scouts. When this happens it can look something like what is seen in these photos. If you see this, here are the steps you should follow.

Think about how nervous you get when you have to move out of your home and your new house isn't ready yet, it's kind of like that for bees.  They start panicking about their family.

Here's What To Do and Not to Do If You Encounter a Bee Swarm:

  • Don't disturb the bees, if they feel threatened they will try to protect themselves and their queen.
  • Don't spray them with any insect killer.  Bees are important to our ecosystem, and keep other plants alive.  Remember the Bee Movie?  You saw what happened when all the bees stopped working.  Everything plant related died.
  • Keep your pets away, you don't want them to rile up the bees
  • Call a beekeeper.  There are several including Creek House Honey Farm.  You can reach out to Palo Duro Bee Club or Amarillo Beekeeping on Facebook for some recommendations on who can remove the swarm.

Bee swarms are temporary until they can find a new hive.

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