If you are an average, avid or expert griller in Amarillo, Texas, one of your favorite stores is expanding.

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Boyd's Equipment has another location!

Boyd's Equipment has been serving the Amarillo area for over 82 years.  That's 82 years of great service and products.  Boyd's Equipment has many faces, including their Farm and Ranch items, fireplace and patio items, propane,  and of course their grill supplies with some of the best grill accessories, and spices around.

When you think of grilling or even smoking you know that Boyd's Equipment has what you need to become the King or Queen of the grill.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Boyd's Equipment is located at 7154 Canyon Express Way.  They are so awesome that they are opening a brand new location!  This new location will be open on Monday, February 5th.

2821 Wolflin Ave!

This store will focus on Backyard and BBQ Supply.

Will Amarillo be able to handle all this grill awesomeness?

Some of life's greatest memories take place in the backyard and in that backyard, you will find something on the grill or the smoker.  It is the Texas way.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Friends and family gather to spend time together, eat, play, and enjoy making memories, and now Boyd's is not only available on I-27, they are also located on Wolflin.  Two great locations to make those grilling moments easier.  I mean who hasn't been rubbing meat down only to run out of your favorite spices?   Who hasn't been smoking up some brisket and ribs and realized, you need more pellets or wood?  Now there's another location to make that quick run to stock up.

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