Canyon, Texas is full of lucky people, another resident just became a millionaire off a scratch-off.

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One Million Dollars!

When you purchase a scratch-off ticket from the store, you hope and you dream you hit the big prize.  More times than not, you don't have a winning ticket.  Sometimes you win your money back other times you pull $20 and if you are lucky you might even win $100.  You go in scratching thinking, what would I do with a million dollars if I had the winning tickets?

That is what happened to one Canyon resident.  This resident purchased a $1,000,000 Winnings scratch-off ticket. ticket from the Allsup's #102092 in Canyon at 906 8th St.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

The winner walked in purchased this $20 lottery ticket and became a millionaire.   There are only 4 top prizes for this particular lottery scratch-off off and two have already been claimed.  So if you are feeling lucky, you just might be the 3rd or 4th millionaire of this particular ticket.   The overall odds of winning any prize in this game is one in 3.40.

This isn't the only Canyon lottery winner

Last year in April 2023, another Canyon resident won a quarter of a million playing All or Nothing.  This particular ticket was purchased at the Toot N Totum located at Hunsley Rd and VFW Road.

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It seems that Canyon, Texas is a lucky place to live when it comes to winning money by playing the Texas Lottery.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the winner with you because they are choosing to remain anonymous.  However, pay close attention to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in Canyon, there will be signs they came into money.

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