Have you ever been told a story when you were a kid about a building or a piece of land that seems far-fetched, but believe it anyway even into adulthood?

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There is a grain elevator south of Plainview.  Actually, it is located south of Hale Center.  It's a large grain elevator, that has Cone written across the south wall.

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Have You Seen the Clock?

Viewing the elevator at the perfect angle, some believe that it looks like a clock.  Some say it reads 11:15, while others claim it's 4:55, and 10 is another.  You just have to look at the perfect angle to see it.  However, while traveling I have driven by this grain elevator a thousand times, I have yet to see this clock.  In fact, I am to the point of believing this is just something somebody said one day to entertain their kids, and the story spread.

Honestly, it's dangerous to be driving and craning your neck to see the clock.  It's much safer if you let the passengers look and tell you they saw it or didn't.  Rumor has it there have been several crashes because of people trying to see the clock.  However, there is no solid proof.

This elevator was likely built in the late 20s or early 30s when SE Cone purchased into the grain business.  He was the biggest sorghum and sudan grass seed dealer in the southwest.

Over the years the paint has faded on the Cone Elevator and it's becoming harder to see the Cone, much less a clock.  This piece of history will soon fade away, leaving people asking, could you really see a clock on the side of a grain elevator?

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