Don't let your pet overpopulate Amarillo, Texas.  One of the responsibilities of a pet owner is to have your animal spayed/neutered unless you're ready to take care of litters of critters.

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Let's face it, having your pet spayed or neutered is not cheap.  For more places in Amarillo, you will be paying way over $100.   Some organizations do offer certificates for discounted spay/neuter.

Amarillo Panhandle-Humane Society is offering a limited number of free spay/neuters for your pets.

This is all a part of their "No Balls for Baxter" program.  Right now, thanks to the sponsorship of the Mile High Canine Rescue and the Candles 4 Canines in Colorado, the Amarillo Panhandle-Humane Society has 32 spots open for dogs and 5 spots for either species.

You must apply to be considered for a spot with No Balls for Baxter.

Just to put a few things into perspective.  The Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare euthanized over 4,000 animals in 2023.  If most of those animals had been spayed or neutered hopefully that number would have been under 100.

The Amarillo Panhandle-Humane Society has a very small staff of 2 and a few volunteers.  They help network hundreds of animals from 3 different shelters.  They also see hundreds of intake requests from our community.   Wouldn't it be a great thing if that could change?

You can help make that happen by spaying or neutering your pet.  If you are financially unable to have your pet spayed or neutered then apply to be accepted for this current program.  By applying to have your pet spayed or neutered you are helping to make a change.  You can find the application here.

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