Tulia, Texas is a small town 45 minutes south of Amarillo.  They have been known for crimes that went down in their city in the past, but a dentist in town may be their claim to fame.

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How Can a Dentist Become a City's Claim to Fame?

That's easy, creativity.

No one wants to go to the dentist, it's just one of those things that people dread.   Some people have a downright phobia of sitting in that dentist's chair.

Other than needing to go to the dentist for a toothache, cavity, or broken tooth, most people will make it a point not to go to the dentist.

However, that may all change for one dentist's office in Tuilia.

Their advertising is funny enough to make you want to go to see the dentist.  With a sense of humor like this, you know they will make anyone relaxed.

It's definitely not Dwayne Johnson's version of the Tooth Fairy, but it definitely screams I don't want that guy in my house and under my pillow.

Many people desire to have bright white teeth, but as we age and consume more beverages like tea and soda, it becomes harder to maintain that level of whiteness. Additionally, smoking can cause teeth to become discolored. Here's an excellent method to make your teeth appear whiter and stand out from the flock.

Here's the WINNER!

This right here, is the piece of advertising that has gotten everyone's attention. They have a billboard outside of Tulia with this same thing.  Heck, if I already didn't have a dentist, I might drive to Tulia to see the dentists who are humorous enough to have these ads.

That's the thing about advertising, the best advertising is the kind that will make people remember who you are, and the next time they need a dentist, they will remember this business.

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