If you have recently bought ice cream from H-E-B in Texas, it's time to check your freezer.  If you find this ice cream in your freezer due not consume the product.

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H-E-B has voluntarily recalled their 12-count packages of Creamy Creations in 3oz cups and select flavors.   These ice cream cups could potentially contain metal fragments.


The Creamy Creations that could potentially contain this hazard are:


The UPC and dates for the product are located on the back of the outer bag, and not on the individual cups.

These products were shipped to H-E-B stores in Texas and Mexico.  Other stores include Central Market, Joe V's Smart Shop, and Mi Tienda stores.

No injuries have been reported with this product.  The product has been removed from store shelves.  However, if you have purchased this product, do not consume the ice cream.  You can return the product to the store for a refund.

If you have questions you can call H-E-B Customer Service at 1-855-432-4438. The line is open Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

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