The one thing you can always count on in Amarillo, Texas is construction.   It's time to prepare yourself once again because it's about to get ugly between Amarillo and Canyon.

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Remember when they were redoing the overpass at Loop 335/Hollywood Road, and moving the exits to Hollywood and even Bell?

That was a Nightmare.

The nightmare is back and the construction will be big and it will take forever.  I mean it's Amarillo and Canyon and that's how it always goes.

Here's the thing, once the construction is finished, it'll be a nicer commute, but in the meantime, you'll have to get ready for closed lanes, backed-up traffic, and detours.

The Texas Department of Transportation is getting ready to begin a new project that will expand I-27 to 6 main lanes, it is currently 4 lanes between Amarillo and Canyon.  The improvements will begin at Loop 335 and continue to the US 60 Interchange.


Other changes that will come with the project are improved on and off ramps, frontage roads, shared-use lanes, and sidewalks in areas where needed.

As the population of both cities grows, so will the traffic, and this change is to help reduce congestion and help with the movement of traffic safely.

Prepare Yourself

The project is expected to begin this Summer and finish in 2028.  It will be 4-years of construction (probably more because we all know how construction projects work around here), and lots of frustrated commuters.



Most people will opt to take other routes, like FM2590/VFW Road, but keep in mind this is a growing area and the traffic will increase on this road due to the construction.


Another option is taking Washington St/FM 1541, but again with the twists and turns on that road and increased traffic, it might not be the best option either.

The project is expected to cost $312 million.   Check out the other construction projects coming up here.

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