The last place you would expect to see a kangaroo hopping around is Amarillo. However, Amarillo has seen its share of hopping kangaroos over the last few years.

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On Friday, June 7th we shared a story about rogue kangaroos in Texas.  Two of those stories came out of Amarillo.

Why in the world would you find rogue kangaroos in Texas?

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However, in a twist of fate, the following Saturday morning, June 8th.  Amarillo resident Jacob Brown posted a video on his Facebook page.  The video was of a kangaroo hopping down I-40.

Unfortunately, this kangaroo did get hit and it didn't survive.

Where did the Kangaroo come from?

The kangaroo belonged to Rick Looby and in a Facebook post he shared about his kangaroo.

Hey Amarillo friends I’ve been getting calls, text and messages all day about the kangaroo loose. Yes unfortunately it was my kangaroo. Apparently yesterday a worker had removed a gate latch to stain the gate. He accidentally forgot to put it back on leaving the gate unsecured. Sometime during the night two of my kangaroos noticed it open and went exploring Unfortunately one didn’t make it back.

This isn't the first time you will see Rick Looby and Kangaroo in the same sentence.  Back in 2021, Looby had one of his kangaroos stolen by an employee. Not long after the incident, he got rid of his exotic animals. It is safe to assume that Looby once again owns exotic animals after Saturday's incident.

We'll name this event Kangalooby 2. Hopefully, Mr. Looby will implement safeguards to prevent another kangaroo escape. It's heartbreaking to lose an animal.

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