Texas is full of great restaurants both fast food and sit down.  Houston, Dallas, Austin, Lubbock, Tyler, and even Amarillo are full of unique cuisine.  However, how bad of a restaurant do you have to be to be the worst restaurant in the country?

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According to an article written by Yahoo Finance, they used Reddit to determine the 5 worst restaurants in the country.  The worst restaurant in the country?

Long John Silvers

Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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For a lot of people, those are fighting words.   For those in Texas who don't have a Long John Silver's in their area, their dream is to have a franchise back in their city.   Take Amarillo for instance, people in the Yellow City are rabid for their fried fish, chicken, and crunchies.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

They would give anything to have a LJS back in their city.  In fact, when they travel they post pictures in the local restaurant review pages to brag that they got to eat at LJS.

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Texas has 76 locations of Long John Silvers.

So how can a restaurant so loved, be so hated?

They combed through Reddit threads, to find out what people chose as the worst fast-food restaurants in the US, and it was determined that LJS popped up on those threads over and over.

For as many people who love Long John Silver's, you will have just as many who cannot stand the restaurant.  However, if Long John Silver's was removed from a city in Texas, people would be craving those chicken planks and hush puppies the instant the sign said closed for business.

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