You can live in an area like Canyon, Texas all your life and never really know everything happening in or outside town.  Sometimes you find the most amazing hidden gem.

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There is the cutest little place on the outskirts of Canyon that has some of the most joy-bringing creatures and unique creatures you can imagine.

McIntire's Mini Mansion

McIntire's was established in 2016 and is one of the best things that has come to Canyon.

How can you say that, we're getting a Whataburger

Ta-may-toe, to-ma-toe

This is the best place because it has some great animals.   Wonderful unique farm animals.  This is the go-to place for purchasing chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and more for your farm.  For those who do not reside in Canyon, it is possible to have eggs and chicks shipped to your location.

They have lavender chickens that lay blue eggs.  How fun and unique is that?  They are called Lavender Ameraucana.

Let's Talk Turkey

They have Chocolate Heritage Turkeys, Bourbon Red Turkeys, and Royal Palms.

McIntire's Mini Mansion is a great place to purchase fertile hatching eggs or chicks, of all these cute amazing animals.

Check out these unique Tamuk Rabbits

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Just look at these amazing animals.   It's amazing the beauty in these beautiful birds.

Oh, and they have chickens that lay kittens.

I don't know about you, but these beauties make me want to go buy a farm and stock up on some of these beautiful birds and rabbits. I wonder if I could get a kitten-laying chicken as well.

10 tips for anyone who is thinking of getting backyard chickens

They sure are cute little things at the store but before you hand over your credit card and welcome those baby chicks to your home, go over this list of 10 tips.

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The Cow Herd of Plainview

Back in 2000 the Plainview Chamber of Commerce created a Cow Herd of fiberglass cows that stampeded into the city.

Some still stand some are long gone.

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