Every lake has a big fish story. Lakes from San Angelo, Dallas, and Austin.  Lake Meredith in Fritch, Texas is one of those lakes.  Somewhere in the depths of the water lies a sneaky catfish that has given fishermen false hope for years.

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Meredith Mike

The legend of Meredith Mike has been alive and well for over 50 years, and some wonder if the giant catfish is actually alive or just a legend.  Many have sworn they have almost hooked him, while others swear they saw him.  How true is it?

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Although we have yet to see photo evidence that Meredith Mike is real, a recent event in San Angelo gives us hope that one day we might lay our eyes on Meredith Mike.

A 9-year-old boy, Jaxon Yoakum was fishing in the Twin Buttes Reservoir in San Angelo when he got a tug on his line.  At first, he believed it was caught on a tree root but the more he reeled the more he realized it was a fish.

A Giant Fish

Jaxon caught a Blue Catfish that weighed 51.5 lb and was 46 inches long.   He almost beat the Twin Buttes Record, but that fish weighed 52.5 pounds and was caught in 2002.

This right here gives everyone who fishes in Lake Meredith hope.  It's safe to say that if there is a giant catfish in San Angelo, Meredith Mike may exist in Lake Meredith.   One day someone is going to be sitting in a boat, on the dock, or on the shore when they hook a giant catfish named Meredith Mike.

Just do us a favor, make sure you take your pictures, measure and weigh, and then throw him back.  Please don't let him die.

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