The one thing about Amarillo is the beautiful art and murals all over town.

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No matter where you turn, you can find a work of art.  It doesn't matter if it was sanctioned or if it is a great piece of graffiti art.  It gives our community a pleasant boost.

Who can't help but smile when you drive past these beautiful pieces of art?

Now with that said, one could say that sometimes it is great to see a piece of art you never were expecting.   If you take a drive near 10th and Lincoln, you will find a nifty piece of art.  I'm guessing this piece wasn't sanctioned, but it was put up on a wall and it brings giggles to anyone who passes.  This piece of art came straight out of the movie Nacho Libre.

Nacho Libre is a comedy starring Jack Black, who plays a monk who has been treated badly all his life and becomes a Mexican wrestler or a Luchador.   In one scene, Nacho is doing these cringe-inducing stretches in his "recreation" clothes to impress a nun.

This cult movie and this particular scene has become iconic and it is now on the side of a wall in downtown Amarillo.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

If you get a chance, take a drive downtown Amarillo near 10th and Lincoln and get a good laugh at Nacho Libre doing his stretch in his white pants and blue shirt on the side of a building wall.

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