When it comes to gardening, you spend copious amounts of time, preparing the solid, planting your items, weeding, and watering.  You want your garden to be perfect.

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However, a lot of times, gardening is done outside in the heat or in a very hot greenhouse.  Sometimes, clothes get in the way, and it's just better to say forget it, I'm gardening naked.  I mean it's easier to wash dirt off your body rather than your clothes.  At least dirt and mud won't stain your skin.  You might need some protection if you are using certain tools to trim your hedges or dig your garden.  That might require some clothes.

Naked Gardening is a thing!

Other than swimming it seems that gardening is the next most popular activity to do in the nude.   Naturalists or nudists who love growing plants, probably already practice naked gardening, but it's something that is spreading quickly across the nation.

Did you know there was a World Naked Gardening Day?

Yes, it is the first Saturday in May.  It got its start in 2005.  Unfortunately, we just missed this day of celebration in 2023, but make sure you mark it on your calendars for next year if you love being naked and love gardening.

Where's the Best Place to Garden Naked?

Out of 200 cities in the US, Texas has 23 cities that are perfect for Naked Gardening.  LawnStarter did some research and found the perfect cities in the US for naked gardening.

  • Austin ranked #2 in the entire county.
  • Houston made the list at #9
  • Dallas topped it at #18

Other Texas cities also made the list:

#75 El Paso
#78 San Antonio
#82 Plano
#105 Fort Worth
#119 Brownsville
#120 McKinney
#122 Pasadena
#123 Corpus Christi
#124 Irving
#126 Denton
#131 Arlington
#134 Carrollton
#148 Frisco
#149 Garland
#152 Waco
#158 Grand Prairie
#160 Amarillo - Yay for Yellow City!
#161 Mesquite
#170 Killeen
#174 Lubbock
#185 McAllen

What determines the best places to garden naked?

Those conducting the study compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on nudist population size, indecent exposure laws, and, of course, gardener-friendliness. We also looked at weather forecasts, access to waxing salons, and sex offender listings, among 12 total metrics.

Access to waxing salons, c'mon, just because someone likes to garden naked doesn't mean they have to get waxed to do it.  My guess is a lot of naturalists enjoy going all-natural, while others may not.

Being naked in public is illegal in Texas

Let's face it,  you can't be all naked in front of your neighbors.  It's illegal.  That's a good way to get in trouble and find yourself sitting in a police car naked and cuffed.

Fun Fact: though it's technically not illegal to go topless in Texas, but it can still get you arrested and stuck with a disorderly conduct charge.

However, if you are in the privacy of your own home and fenced in backyard and away from public view, let it all hang out.

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