Amarillo is a very big city.  It's not as bid as the BIG cities, but we are quite large and when there is only a small area for medical care then for some, it's quite the drive to the ER.

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Amarillo has several stand-alone emergency rooms in addition to the main two hospital's ERs, but if you go over to the east side of Amarillo, you won't find a place to get emergent medical care. That's all about to change.

Northwest Emergency at Eastern

Northwest Texas Healthcare System is building an 11,570 sq ft building on 5 acres.  The new ER will be located at 4409 E. Interstate Highway 40.


According to NWTX, the new location will have 9 treatment areas, imaging equipment, laboratory and will be available for outpatient testing.

We wanted to have a location that serves another sector of our community and know this new location will meet the needs of our community.

The anticipated opening is Fall of 2025. The estimated cost of the new ER will be $8,000,000.

The closest urgent care is at I-40 and Grand, and the new Northwest Emergency at Eastern will be a functioning ER like their location at Hillside and Soncy.  This will bring important medical care to an area of Amarillo that needs it.

Northwest Texas Healthcare System had a groundbreaking on November 16, 2023, for their new emergency department Northwest Emergency at Tascosa.  It will follow the same plan as the one on the east side.

This will be a great addition to Amarillo.

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