Amarillo, Texas is full of weird and strange things that make you wonder what people are thinking.

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The city and outside the city are filled with weird and interesting things.  We have giant legs, Cadillacs buried in the dirt, soon to be slug bugs on the east side.  We have random signs and weird occurrences all over town.

It's No Surprise a Pickle Showed Up.

Back in 2021, life was starting to return to normal, and the effects of the pandemic, being stuck in our homes, and the remnants of COVID-19 side effects were just starting to wear off.    People were trying to get back to normal life, so a pickle randomly showing up was considered normal.

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera

A Random Pickle Was Normal?

It was a giant pickle jar with pickles inside.  It was placed on top of the engineering box of the traffic light at Soncy and Westgate Parkway, on the side closest to Dairy Queen.  It sat on top of that box for months.   Nobody knew what it was, except someone lost their pickle jar or just got tired of carrying it around.  Who knows? That's what makes the Soncy Pickle so mysterious.

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Eventually, the pickle jar just disappeared.  Maybe its original owner came and took it back, the City of Amarillo removed it, or some person just knocked it off to be mean.  We'll never know.

Fast forward to April 2024


The mysterious pickle jar is back and it is glorious.   It's in the same spot where we spotted the original.  Maybe that particular traffic light has an affinity for pickles.  Who knows perhaps an alien or small creature lives in the box that loves pickles.  The possibilities are endless.

Let us know if you've seen the pickle.

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