It's the age-old question, do you believe in ghosts?   Some answers are yes, some answers are no.

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There have been talks of ghosts in different places all over Amarillo and Canyon.  This building once rested on a horse ranch and a was a former restaurant that was believed to be haunted.  This once funeral home, now bar is thought to be haunted, the infamous Nat Ballroom definitely hauntedor even the long gone Stafford Hall on the WT Campus, was believed to be haunted.

Now we find out that the area we know as River Road just might be very haunted.

While perusing the joy-filled social media that is Facebook I ran across a post where someone was asking if anyone in River Road has experienced anything paranormal, and the comments lit up. A former resident stated that a family-owned home for 70+ years on Morning Drive seemed to be haunted.  They stated that they experienced weird things in a parental unit's home.  Voices of a little girl haunted the house, lights that appeared to be on in the dark in an empty home, but upon entering, the lights were off.

A home on Cliffside was possibly home to a ghost who loved to play a 1940s radio and turn doorknobs.

A home on Hermosa's paranormal activity caused the owners to vacate the home in the middle of the night and never look back.

Another resident mentioned living in a home on Mountain Drive. and then moving to a home on Tierra Grande and both homes were very active.  Although, the humans haven't seen anything their cat seems to stop in its tracks on occasion and stare.  It seems the ghost or spirit might have followed them or the cat.

Another River Road resident nearly got divorced because of the spirits running and stomping through the house.  Clocks would magically change times, the door would unlock and open.  The dog would sometimes sit under a table and growl at the corner.  Talk about the marital stress a ghost can cause in a marriage.

Another story of Mountain Drive brings us a giggling child,  shadows lurking about, and things flying off countertops

Obviously, this area of town is ripe with paranormal activity, especially Mountain Drive.

It sounds as if River Road needs to host a sage bonfire in the middle of town or on Mountain Drive.

I wonder what other ghost stories will appear once construction starts on the new Veteran's homes.

Is it possible that one of Amarillo's 7 Gates of Hell is lurking in River Road?

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