Amarillo, Texas is renowned for its delicious BBQ, and it's not just limited to the city but extends to the whole state. It's exciting to share that a restaurant in Amarillo has become one of the best restaurants in not just Amarillo or Texas, but the entire country for BBQ.

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This BBQ joint has won multiple awards since it was originally opened including making Texas Monthly Top BBQ Spots in Texas multiple times.

Tyler's Barbeque


It's no surprise that Tyler's made this list because, if you have eaten there you know just how amazing the barbeque and sides are at Tyler's.

Yelp's Top 100 BBQ Spots 2024

Tyler's Barbeque landed #4 on the list!  That's #4 out of 100 BBQ restaurants in the entire United States.  That means Amarillo is home to one of the most delicious BBQ restaurants in all the land.

Tyler’s can prepare 400 pounds of brisket and 80 racks of ribs on a typical summer day, and still sell out. That’s because owner Tyler Frazer smokes beef that’s “decadently tender and moist, [with a] beautiful smoke ring and…perfect bark.” He learned his craft while working for experts like “BBQ Whisperer” Trace Arnold on the pitmaster’s famous Ultimate Smoker & Grill 18-wheeler, until he was ready to open his own joint. All the meat comes fresh from local processors, and he sources special Malabar peppers from a spice market in Chicago—“they’ve got a really bold pungent pepper flavor without being hot,” Tyler says.

It's SOOOOOO Good!

If you have dined at Tyler's, you know why they made the #4 spot.

Plus the sides are some of the best, including the to-die for Green Chili Mac and Cheese and that Jalapeno Cream Corn.  You should be drooling just reading about it.

If it's been a while since you have had a phenomenal meal at Tyler's Barbeque, you might not be able to get in the doors the next time if you don't go now.  They are that famous!

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