Westgate Mall has been one of the main staples for shopping in Amarillo.  It's the perfect place to find whatever you need in clothing, and gifts and it has an awesome food court.

Westgate Mall was officially opened in on October 6th, 1982. Throughout the years many stores have moved in and out of the mall, and some of those stores leave us yearning for the day we could shop at them once again.

One of the places that were in Westgate Mall which seems to be the most missed place wasn't a store at all, it was a restaurant.

Cattle Call

Cattle Call served up the most amazing BBQ.   Plus, they served up apricots with their Texas toast.  When you were leaving you could always grab a handful of their peppermint taffy.

Other restaurants that were located in Westgate Mall that people miss are the San Antonio.  It was an amazing Mexican food restaurant.  The taco tray for 2 was delicious.  Let us not forget Corn Dog 7 and Sbarro in the Food Court.

It's a Small World

This was a toy shop that used to be in Westgate Mall before it disappeared in the late 80s.

Another great toy store that went by the wayside, was KB Toys which used to have a home in Westgate Mall.


Vanity was a female clothing store that had some really great fashion and designs.  Unfortunately, the company no longer exists after it filed for bankruptcy.

Deb was another great store in Westgate Mall, it was the perfect place to go for cool clothes, but it was a go-to for formals.

Out of all the bigger anchor stores, the one that is missed the most is


Mervyn's was a department store that had men, women's, and children's clothing.  Home items, shoes, jewelry, etc.  The perfect department store with decent prices.  However, the one thing that most people remember about Mervyn's is this commercial.

However, other anchor stores that left Westgate Mall were Sears and Bealls.

Millers Outpost

Millers Outpost was one of the original stores in Westgate Mall, it was a clothing store.


Gadzooks was the place to get some of the coolest t-shirts and hip clothing.  It was the best!


Back in the day when you actually went to the store to get your music and movies, F.Y.E was a great place to shop.  Another music store in the mall at one time was Camelot Music.

Wicks N' Sticks

This was the place to buy candles and home decor in the mall.

Disney Store

This one speaks for itself.  Who needed to go to Disney World or Land when you had everything Disney in one location?

What store do you miss the most in Westgate Mall?

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