If you are a fan of the modern television classic, Breaking Bad then chances are that you've at least heard of its spinoff series, Better Call SaulBoth shows have a huge audience and are still watched to this day.

But the other day while rewatching Better Call Saul, I noticed something that had never come to my attention before. It turns out that Amarillo, Texas was actually briefly featured in an episode. Well, sort of.

The episode is aptly named, "Amarillo", and is the third episode of the second season of Better Call Saul.

The first scene of this episode takes place on a bus that has broken down in Amarillo, setting up events that will take place later in the season. It's a short scene, but it is always nice to see the 806 get some time in the spotlight.

Was It Filmed In Amarillo?

I got curious as to whether this scene that took place in Amarillo was actually filmed here, so I began to dig around for answers. And it brought me to a slightly disappointing conclusion.

After scouring the internet for where this scene was filmed, I came across the featured location on Google Maps but it was not in Amarillo. The actual spot where this scene took place was actually in Albuquerque.

Although disheartening, it makes sense considering that most of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad were filmed in Albuquerque.

But you can't be too mad considering that the city of Amarillo still got a small shoutout from one of the biggest modern television shows in the US.

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